IC Ethics Meeting Room


Are you a museum professional interested in or dealing with an ethical dilemma? Would you like to discuss this with your colleagues? We invite you to be a speaker or speakers of our virtual open platform dicussions!
You can find all information about the IC Ethics Meeting Room and what to consider as a speaker moderating in these documents:

French version soon available!

About the Virtual Open Platform Discussions

The ICOM International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas (IC Ethics) is an open forum on practical challenges regarding ethical dilemmas in the museum profession. The IC Ethics Meeting Rooms are digital spaces where museum professionals and others with interest in the respective topic can reflect, share and discuss ethical dilemmas, helping each other to make more informed choices. The events aim to support and unite professionals in all relevant working fields in their attempts to discuss ethical dilemmas with colleagues in a collegial and helpful environment. All participation is free of charge.

By joining the meeting, you confirm that you will follow its rules:

  • By participating, you accept Zoom’s terms of use. More information about safety precautions for this platform can be found here: https://zoom.us/security.
  • Please anonymize cases and ethical dilemmas as no sensitive information can be shared.
  • Please respect the time limits set by the moderator.
  • Disrespectful and inappropriate comments or behaviour cause immediate muting and dismissal from the meeting.
  • Please note that the introduction to the meeting will be recorded and published (the recording will not show the images or names of general participants besides moderator and speaker).
  • By continuing to follow this meeting, you commit to following these rules.

We record and publish the introductions to the meetings, but not the following discussion as the IC Ethics Meeting Room is meant to be a safe and protected space.

Working group IC Ethics Meeting Room:
Organisation: Dr. Kathrin Pabst, Dr. Lina Tahan, Dr. Valeria Pica, Søren la Cour Jensen

Dr. Kathrin Pabst, Kathrin.Pabst@vestagdermuseet.no

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