Board Members

The Board of IC ETHICS manages the committee’s objectives and reports to the governing bodies of ICOM. The Board is elected for a period of three years.

Current Board (2023-2025)

Dr. Lina G. Tahan, Chair

Lina G. Tahan has a Ph.D. in Archaeology and Museum Studies from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. She is currently an affiliated scholar at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge and, until recently, a Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology, Lebanese University. Her research and teaching interests relate to: (1) Representation issues within Middle Eastern museums collections, exhibitions and visitors; (2) The history of collections and museum development in Lebanon within the political context; (3) The definition of heritage in Lebanon and how this links to identity formation and the creation of a sense of place; (4) The role of museums in fostering understanding in divided societies. She is an active member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and a board member of the International Committee for Ethical Dilemmas. She also promotes museums in the Arab World.

Andrea Kieskamp, Secretary

Andrea Kieskamp works as an independent exhibition manager, concept developer, educator and researcher for museums and archives in the Netherlands. She graduated in historical literature of the Netherlands (cum
laude) at the University of Amsterdam. As a board member of ICOM Netherlands (2007-2013) she produced the book Sense and Sensitivity. The Dutch and Delicate Heritage Issues. From 2015-2017 she was secretary of the Code of Ethics Committee for Museums at the Museums Association. In 2022 she became
president of Blue Shield Netherlands. Andrea is supervising fourth-year students at the Reinwardt Academy (bachelor Cultural Heritage), part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. This fall her book on the protection of museums, archives, libraries and monuments in the Netherlands in the Second World War (the Art Protection Inspectorate 1939-1946) will be published, with contributions from the
Rijksmuseum, the Dutch Open Air Museum and the Section Cultural Affairs and Information (CAI) of the Dutch Armed Forces.

Dr. Lucia Patrizio Gunning, Board Member

Lucia Patrizio Gunning is a Lecturer (Teaching) at the History Department, University College London, United Kingdom. She is a modern historian specialising in cultural and diplomatic history and on the relationship between museums, cultural heritage, disaster and recovery. Following the devastating 2009 earthquake in her home city of L’Aquila, Lucia has worked to effect change in approaches to reconstruction and disaster preparedness in Europe and Japan. In 2010–2014 Lucia initiated participative projects with Google and the University of L’Aquila to reconnect the city’s dispersed population with its cultural heritage and architecture. The projects L’Aquila 3D, Come Facciamo and Noi L’Aquila were recognised as exemplary by Unesco in their #Unite4heritage campaign.

Past Members

Dr. Suse Anderson
Dr. Valeria Pica, Former Treasurer
Dr. Lidija Nikočević, Previous Vice Chair
Dr. Kathrin Pabst, Chair (2019-2022)
Søren la Cour Jensen, Vice Chair (2019-2022)
Armando Perla, Board Member (2019-2022)
Lis-Mari Hjortfors, Board Member (2019-2022)
Dr. Katrin N. Hieke, Board Member (2019-2020)
Per Bjørn Rekdal, Observer (Fall 2019- Spring 2020)
Ivalo Katrine Birthe Foget Olsvig – SoMe manager

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